Mural: OMNI Deep Dive-Darkride

I never know when I can post this stuff after signing NDA’s.Scene 2-Ent arch Cropped Scene 2-Wall A-Cont RandL Unload-Backwall-Continuous Sometimes I forget to post for 3 Years like this scenery. I can only hope that this project in Hong Kong is open to the public by now.

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Retail Design for Black Hat E-cig Lounge and Pub.


Really nice work by Keith Lowe on the Stylesheet for Bigbabyhead/Design.BW-Blackhat longbarview~BlackhatBar¬† reference from “The Shining”.BW-Blackhat longbarview2~

IMG_2817 Retail display designs by Peter Bluntscreen-capture-3 BH Wall art-Capone screen-capture 56f34313cabbf1eee7edf1d2df10fb87 1-jimi-hendrix-smoking-chris-walter 7624806_orig 1418706300198 albert_einstein bogart-smoking JOHNNY CASHblackhat_logo_stylesheet

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Storyboards – Dalton Agency – American Heart Assn. National campaign/5 TV spots

Futbol Family- AHA:BW Date Night Rev-AHA:BW 1 Vet's Day-AHA:BWpg1 Vet's Day-AHA:BWpg2 Take Off Revised Pg 1 copy Grandfather- AHA:BW

Various Samples from the American Heart Association Ad campaign PSA

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Storyboard – Barton Productions -“Community Testimonials” Jax Ortho Institute

JOI board Key shot

Conceptual Visual Development for a talking head shot series.

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Electric Garage Proposal for Jacksonville


Our design team put this proposal together for the Art in Public Places/Cultural Council of Jacksonville.
If they can’t see the appropriateness of this I’ll just shoot myself.

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Design for a New Years show for 2012. Working with the team which produced “Timemaster” for the city of Tampa on the previous post.

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First Night- Tampa Florida- New Years Eve


Produced and Designed by Patrick Doyle and Brett Waller

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