‘she loves me, she loves me not…”

I made 2 patterns for this piece: the heart pictured here and another one in the form of a penis. The projectile was cast in silver by  a local jeweler, the casing is brass .44 caliber with gunpowder and primer. So it could actually function as live ammo.

I wanted to make a powerful piece that was very small.

It’s been rejected from entry in 3 open submission shows. So I believe I have succeeded.

Bullet sheet.pages

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Proposal for a self destroying monument.

I hope this piece gets selected for a temporary sculpture exhibit at an outdoor park here in the sunny (and rainy) south. Roman letters carved into block salt. 77″ H x 9″ W x 9″ D

Memorial - 1Memorial - 2Memorial - 3

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Storyboard Design- AHA ad campaign

This gallery contains 7 photos.

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Equestrian Traditions

Images: Logo/Flag City of Jacksonville, Jacksonville’s sculpture of Jackson, New Orlean’s Sculpture of Jackson

You might have noticed the Equestrian Statue of Andrew Jackson, Our “BoldNewCityOfTheSouth’s” Namesake. He is posed jauntily tipping his hat to you or some runaway slave or indian he was about to kill as he crossed the St. John’s river at Cows ford on his trusty pony. The city loves this memorialization so much they have adopted this image as their official logo, which appears on letterhead and even on the cast iron sewer caps. I don’t know the artist who sculpted this but they were not very well informed in the history of iconic equestrian symbolism nor were they very well trained in anatomic proportion. First things first. There is a long tradition of symbolism in memorial art. I grew up in the shadow of Washington DC and went to College in Richmond, VA where there are plenty of fine examples of Monuments to Generals on horseback. This is what I’ve learned about the symbolic stance of the horse as it pertains to the heroic status of its rider:
-Both of the horse’s front legs in the air means the rider died in battle, on the battlefield.
-One of the horse’s front legs raised means the rider died of wounds suffered on the battlefield.
-All of the horses feet on the ground means the rider was in some battle, at some time, but died home in bed.
Jackson was in a few battles, made lots of enemies, owned lots of slaves, killed lots of indians and was the first Prez to have had an assassination attempt (failed), he died drunk at home, as far as we know.
Insofar as his involvement in The City of Jacksonville, he was accused of selling land he did not own in the Florida territory and this spot was nothing but a wet bog on his road to power.
I don’t know who sculpted that statue but they got a few things wrong, not to mention the anatomical fact that Jackson is far too big for that pony.

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Courtroom Sketching

Joshua Goldberg

I always wanted to try this job but I didn’t know how to get my foot in the door.

I got a text while driving back from Orlando to Jax, a friend had recommended me to another friend, a local news editor. Really, no matter how much I advertise, local jobs come from word of mouth. So don’t be a jerk.

What I found out was that Fed. Courts don’t allow photos and if the story is big, the news wants images. The only pics of this particular defendant were unconfirmed at the time of this hearing (they were not sure what he looked like because he had never been arrested before).

I had analysed courtroom sketches before, but I went back to the web just to have a quick look again. All were color, most were pastel and on a toned ground. That makes for quick and loose. I packed my tabletop easel with Rembrandt pastels, contés in red and black, my favorite pencils Blackwing, and plenty of sharpened white colored pencils for highlighting. The easel can sit on my lap comfortably and hold a pad at a nice upright angle and it has a drawer that pulls out on the side for all the colors and tools.. I’ve found that drawing a subject when the pad is flat on a table takes just a bit longer for me to “find” what I was drawing each time I look from the pad to the subject. Just a bit longer, but I knew that time was going to be important here. I had maybe 15 minutes tops because it was a pre-trial hearing. Honestly, a figure drawing class where they do 5 min, or 10 min poses will really help you. If you don’t have that, just go to the local strip club and do some fast gesture drawing. Don’t forget to tip, it works out about the same as paying for a class.

I got there early and I took a few moments to introduce myself to the baliff and the other reporters who were arriving and passed out some cards. I found out which door and what seats would be used by the defendant and his council and positioned myself accordingly. I took a few minutes before the action to draw the door frame and the backs of the seats that would be in play and suddenly the defendant entered, the judge entered, the baliff said “All rise”, I had to put aside all my stuff, stand, sit, grab all my stuff, put it back in my lap, draw like the wind while the prosecutor and the PD and the judge exchanged a few words and BLAM. Gavel came down, that was it. “All rise”. Get out. It was that fast.

So be ready.

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LEGO Sealife Mural Design San Diego, CA

fresh elev3 copy fresh elev4 copy harbor elev1 copy raytank copy raytank elev4 copy shorline elev3 copy touch elev 1 copy touch elev2 copy

Another Mural design forgotten to a NDA. I know this has opened to the public because I saw the pics in the paper.

Posting a bunch of old mural stuff because I want to design a mural about Oldtime Apalachian fiddler folklife. Like in the style of Thomas Hart Benton from the WPA days. Why not, I’m broke anyway. Maybe if I design it someone will commission it later.

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Mural: OMNI Deep Dive-Darkride

I never know when I can post this stuff after signing NDA’s.Scene 2-Ent arch Cropped Scene 2-Wall A-Cont RandL Unload-Backwall-Continuous Sometimes I forget to post for 3 Years like this scenery. I can only hope that this project in Hong Kong is open to the public by now.

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